Daniel Ricciardo responded and extended his support towards a kid, who got bullied, and had his McLaren F1 goodies destroyed.

In a fine gesture from Ricciardo and also McLaren, the Australian responded to a tweet from a mother of a kid, who got bullied earlier in the day. The person uploaded her son’s photo being hit on his nose and having a small cut.

The Twitter account, though, now is protected, as she may have wanted to stop the inflow of messages. The message from her side, went: “Can I just take a moment to say BULLING (bullying) IS NOT OK. My 10 year old son is at a breaking point due to bullying. They stole and stamped on his McLaren F1 hat – one of his favourite things and left him look like this.”

She tagged Ricciardo and Lando Norris, where the Australian responded back. He stated: “Sorry to hear this, but don’t stress buddy. Makes you look tough! Bullies are the weak ones, don’t forget that. I’ll sort you out with a new hat and some other goodies. Stay up lil homie”

This brought in McLaren to comment as well, where they extended their support. “To all the kind and wonderful fans out there who have supported this strong young man, we just want to let you know that together with Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo, we’ve got him covered. Bullying is a scourge and we stand with you all against it,” they wrote.

In their comments section, McLaren Racing chief, Zak Brown, added: “That is terrible and not acceptable!” The whole episode led to a host of solidarity messages for the kid, with varied opinions, as usual, from the followers of the sport and the driver.

Before the person protected her account, here’s screenshot taken by WTF1:

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