Red Bull and AlphaTauri have announced an updated deal with Honda for the remainder of the 2022 F1 season ahead of Japanese GP.

While Honda decided to move away from F1 at the end of the 2021 season, but it entered into an agreement with Red Bull to unofficially keep providing them with power units for the current year which was updated to until the end of 2025.

Amid this, Red Bull were in talks with Porsche about a potential deal from 2026 onward but it fell through leaving the team with other partners to look at. The work at ‘Red Bull Powertrains’ continued on, but speculation of Honda coming back upped as well.

While it is not clear if Honda will formally return beyond the 2025 season, but for 2022, they have updated its deal with both Red Bull and AlphaTauri. The collaboration between Red Bull Powertrains and Honda Racing Corporation has been strengthened.

As a result of which, the ‘Honda’ logo will return to the cars of Red Bull and AlphaTauri from Japanese GP onward for the rest of the 2022 F1 season. For 2021, the teams were using ‘HRC’ on the engine cover but now the full name will feature on the cars.

Additionally, Sergio Perez has been named as the ambassador of Honda Racing School where he will kick-off his role with a lecture in November 2022. The Mexican will be present during the HRC ‘Thanks Day’ on November 27 along with Max Verstappen, Pierre Gasly and Yuki Tsunoda.

“Oracle Red Bull Racing and Honda Racing Corporation have achieved great success in Formula One together,” said Dr. Helmut Marko. “With these new agreements, we are proud to continue going from strength to strength with the technical support from HRC until the next generation of engines are introduced in 2026.

“We are confident this relationship with HRC will set us up for more success over the next three seasons and thank them for their ongoing support.” At the same time, Christian Horner, noted: “Honda has invested significantly in hybrid technology over the course of our partnership.

“This has ensured the supply of competitive power units to both teams, for which we are very grateful. Our combined goal is to continue to deliver dominant engines and achieve the most success possible in the following three years. To mark this, we look forward to welcoming the Honda logo back on to the car from Suzuka onwards.”

And finally, Koji Watanabe, Head of Corporate Communications Supervisory Unit, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and President of Honda Racing Corporation, added: “The HRC logo on the nose and Honda logo on the side of the cars of both teams represent the strong ties between Honda and Red Bull Group.

“Through the technical support provided by HRC, Honda will fully support the challenges those machines take on to become the ‘fastest in the world.’ We are very pleased that these machines will be unveiled at the F1 Japanese Grand Prix, where Honda serves as the title sponsor. Please root for the two Red Bull Group teams which compete with power units loaded with Honda technologies.”

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