Kimi Raikkonen says his F1 racing work with the switch to Alfa Romeo Racing from Ferrari hasn’t changed but it is less busy for him which he feels to be good.

Time and again Raikkonen has talked about his love for F1 – one of the reasons for him to continue racing in 2019 with Alfa Romeo despite having lost his Ferrari seat. it was a move which not many top F1 drivers would do in current times.

The Finn has mentioned before about taking F1 as a hobby which has brought the fun factor back for him. He reiterated the same again, while adding that the work for him is the same but it is less busy which bodes well for him, to concentrate on the given task.

“I think the work itself is no different,” he said. “Basically do the same stuff, it doesn’t matter which team you are in. Racing, I think there has been some good battles. I wouldn’t say that a lot of things have changed.

“I think you get more close battles in quite a few races because the midfield teams are more close together. At least there’s been some overtaking this year – but generally the working side hasn’t changed. It’s a bit less busy, so that’s a good thing.”

The team had a good start at Raikkonen’s side but it has lost its way, with lack of speed and troubles with tyre performance. He is tied on 13 points in 11th with Racing Point’s Sergio Perez but hasn’t scored in the last three grand prix.

In fact, he even failed to make it into Q2 in Canadian GP which is the first for him since the 2015 Austrian GP. “Honestly, we were not that fast,” he said. “I think, definitely not what we wanted. In Barcelona I think we understood some things that were wrong.

“Those are two separate things but I think those circuits overall were not very good for us. Nothing major wrong, it’s just that we lack speed.” In the tight midfield fight, the team is only ninth with 13 points after seven races, three behind Haas.

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