Racing Point’s Otmar Szafnauer says Lance Stroll’s feedback is similar to that of Sergio Perez as he reflects on both their performances in 2019 F1 season.

After one of their worse years since 2014 F1 season, in which the team dropped to seventh from the position they had become familiar with i.e fourth, team principal Szafnauer reviewed Racing Point’s drivers’ Perez and Stroll’s performances.

Experienced campaigner Perez outscored Racing Point teammate Stroll by 31 points, with 52 to the Canadian’s 21. Stroll was roughly as good in the race as his Mexican teammate, but often started at a disadvantage due to his qualifying which was lacking.

Racing Point’s Szafnauer rated both drivers relatively well, although he wasn’t entirely enthused by their performances, as he called their respective season’s decent. However, he did note that Stroll matured and learned plenty as he rated his feedback similar to Perez.

“I think the drivers have done a decent job this year, not perfect,” said Szafnuer, when asked by “There are times that there were opportunities and they didn’t finish the race. Lance has learned a tremendous amount in 2019.

“He’s getting faster and faster. He’s gotten to grips with the tyres more, he’s understood who we are [and] how we work, so that will just make him better, and Sergio’s known us for a long time, he puts in strong performances, both in qualifying and the race.

“[I’m] pleased with both of them. Regarding their response, I think Lance’s feedback has been very similar to Sergio’s, very good, not lacking at all.” The team has Perez roped in for three more seasons and expects 2020 F1 season to be the same like before.

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The story was edited by Darshan Chokhani