Another new race at Houston in this crazy weekend. Upon cancellation of qualifying number two marshalls decided that the starting grid would be determined by the classification of Indycar so Castroneves and Dixon would be on pole. A great opportunity to see face to face the contenders for the title.


Despite a great start where Castroneves keeps the first position and went together in front with Dixon, Castroneves had to say goodbye to the race a few laps after the start, again, problems with the gearbox . Power managed to make a perfect start and was placed just behind this two drivers. Following the withdrawal of the race Castroneves it was posible to see a nice fight between Power and Dixon, the drivers with more rhythm in Houston and in last races, pit fights, fights in every inch of the track circuit. Power overtakes Dixon and gets first position after a great restart and became the lead but Dixon would not let easy and it was behind him the whole race trying to overtake with a gap no longer than one second. After Castroneves gets no points Dixon is heading his third IndyCar championship. In third place completing the podium would end Hinchcliffe very consistent during this race. On the last lap there was a very spectacular pileup Sato, Viso and Franchitti involved , Sato and Viso are OK while Franchitti has been evacuated for further exploration. Some parts of the cars are gone into the crowd, we wish everybody is ok. Franchitti is conscious awaiting test results after a medical investigation.


Next and final race of the season will be in Fontana on October 19 and will decide the title between Castroneves and Dixon ending this spectacular season of Indycar