Scott Dixon took the victory on the circuit of Houston in the first race this weekend. It was a tough race because the hot weather and high humidity, and seeing how it looked throughout the weekend, very physical test for the drivers and the cars on the track itself; very bumpy and demanding in every moment with curves that do not give a breath. Castroneves finished the race without points (gearbox problems)

By David González M


The race began with a standing grid which first attempt had to be cancelled because problems in Kimball’s car after the second attempt has been stuck Hinchliffe’s car being hit from behind by Carpenter. The truth, Carpenter has not had his best luck this week, his truck was also burned where carrying his car.
The race continued and the front was not changed. Sato enters into pit stop early, Power took the lead immediately followed by Dixon, both drivers were getting gap from the rest of the drivers while Takuma Sato were losing positions.


Dixon struggled to overtake Power and when he was closer to try it he was disturbed by lost lap drivers. Meanwhile Helio Castroneves (Penske) championship leader was in pit for several laps to fix a gearbox problem. Still with problems Castroneves tried to collect some points and he went to the track after 9 laps. The tactic of Power (Team Penske) was clear, try to get most of lead race to prevent the take Dixon points that was the only thing that could overshadow Power with the fastest rhytm.
Power endured until the first stop where Dixon would lead after a failure of Penske in the pits. Pagenaud, Silvestro, Servia and Bourdais recover time from rear positions by sticking in the top 6 for moments of the race.


So on lap 45 race positions were like this 1. Dixon 2.Power  3.Filippi (R)  4.Bourdais  5.Silvestro  6.Pagenaud . Power tried to approach Dixon but was not possible. The fight for third place was still very huge. A few laps later Dixon entered in Boxes and he was so lucky that Serviá caused a caution at the same time with problems in the fuel system. This situation made Dixon to have a tactical advantage to win the race because he was the only one who stop in pits before the caution and now he was positioned fourth while the rest of opponents that were ahead would have to stop again. Power from this point he was simply leading the race to prevent Dixon won points for laps leading, after finishing his mission he had to stop boxes next to Filippi .

This new situation made ​​Simona de Silvestro was placed second in the race after Dixon, Wilson was third, followed by Pagenaud,Newgarden and Jakes. Positions remained despite drivers were fighting very hard to get a better position. Simona de Silvestro could contain attacks from Wilson that finally got third place.


The race in the last laps has had several cautions (with its restarts) forced by Sato, Conway and Castroneves and finally the checkered flag was given with pace car. So Dixon (after this race) is able to reduce the gap in the championship over Castroneves in just 8 points, Pagenaud is 50 points gap which makes the championship will put even closer with two races left. Moreover it is a great day of celebration for Simona de Silvestro as this is her first podium in the category of Indycar and it is the best position of a female driver in a street circuit / road, Danika Patrick was third in the past.


The next race is also in Houston tomorrow at 19pm, two races left, tomorrow  champion of 2013 could be decided after next 90 laps.