First of all, how did your passion for Motorsport start? How do you recognize the worth of driving in Formula Renault 2.0?

My passion for Motorsport started, because of my father. I was 7 years old when my father told me that he was a two times Dutch champion in the Go kart.. So I started with go karting and my father as well again! When I got the age of 15 we made the step to the Autosport. I started with some touring cars (seat Ibiza) and quite soon I made the switch to Formula Renault 2.0, because it’s a good step to learn to drive with wings and to learn to drive a formula car.

Then, the 29th place in 2011, in Formula Renault 3.5 wasn’t an easy time, what did help you to arrive to GP2? Was it AutoGP?

Well just 4 weeks before the start of the season they told me that I will drive WSR 3.5, but I wasn’t fit enough for it.. So I struggled in the first races than quite soon I struggled a bit with the car and the engineer. So we made the step to Auto GP to get more experience and to work with different people.. Than we had some good races and I got the opportunity to do 4 GP2 race just to learn the car and to realize how this race serie works.

In 2013 you have improved during the season and your best result is a seventh place in Race 2 in Singapore. In 2014 you continue with MP Motorsport, what is your link with the team?

I know the team really well and I grow up with those guys. The team was getting better and better and I could learn of this growing process as well. MP Motorsport is Dutch so it easier for me to give my opinion and to learn.

Who do you think will be your team mate? Maybe Dani Clos?

Dani Clos was a great team mate a really nice/good guy, but I don’t think he will be my teammate because of the budget. Sander Dorsman (team manager) is working on it to get a team mate, but I can’t tell anything about it! I hope an experienced driver.

When Dani Clos was with you in the team in 2013 since the Grand Prix of Hungary, you improved your performance and also the team improved it. How did Clos help to Motorsport and to you with his experience?

Well He knew the GP2 car very well and He knew how the car had to feel on his best. So his feedback was really what we needed. And I could learn of is driving style, but his feedback about the car was more important at that moment.

What do you expect and what are your aims for 2014 in GP2 Series?

We worked really hard this winter on the car. The engineers from Formula Renault 2.0 the ones that made it possible to get the second place in Eurocup Formula Renault will join the GP2 team now. And they know really well what racing is and how it works. So I believe that I can make big steps with them. To be realistic I hope to finish more in the top 10, but we go for the best result as possible of course.

How is the preparation of Daniel de Jong to drive car like the GP2?

I really work hard on my condition at the moment. I promised my engineers that I won’t have any physical issues, so it’s training and training every day, but I am working as well for a company 6 hours a day. Just to have something else to think about than racing. After my work I will go to the gym, running, swimming and a lot more!

What do you think about what has happened with Michael Schumacher?

Hmmm. I hope really that he will be the old Michael again, but what I heard about his “coma” hmm I am not sure if he will be the old Micheal again… But I am not a doctor, so we will see! Let’s hope the best.

Do you like new Formula 1 (engines, look…)? What do you think about it?

I don’t know.. I didn’t hear the sound in reality, but only on a video.. but it didn’t sound really cool. F1 for me is a crying engine! The sound should give you a massive boost of adrenaline, but I think the sound of GP2 is the one that is giving me the adrenalie this year.. The body work is not too bad, but it’s not the best design what I have seen before.

Formula 1 is surely your goal, do you think it’s possible to arrive some day? In that case, with what team?

Formula 1 is a goal, but maybe not a realistic one.. I do my best to get in the F1, but if it is not possible than I don’t have any problems to try to get in the Indy Cars. Because the cars are more similar so the competition is better!

Finally, from 1 to 10 how do you evaluate your sport career?

I Give it a 7, I drove many cars (not always the best) and I learned a lot! I am still young so everything is still possible. I really appreciate the support of everybody in the last years. Now we have to look forward again! And I think 2014 can be a really interesting year for me. We do our best!