After a good 2013 with Kimi winning the race in Melbourne and Grosjean has got nice results,the last season haven’t finished fine for traditional black team,but the Lotus cockpit was target of good drivers like Felipe Massa and Nico Hulkenberg.

But the economic crisis provoked the go out of professionals.However the F1’s changes were a big revolution enabling who the team of Eastone won hopeness of a good championship and solution of finantial crisis with sponsor of PDVSA.


It starts the peseason and championship further bad performance of Renault turbo V6 more a bad aerodinamic make Romain and Pastor haven’t had good results.


Nevertheless,Romain got a 10th place during Chinese Gp qualifyings.Romain Grosjean says to Autosport ”We had a big improvement in China but it’s not only one thing we changed in the end it’s a lot of things that make a good car.


But the Lotus can to be next of a possible sale as destination.