Eriksson did not put all his efforts but he successfully achieved the pole position in last instance after a magnificent lap.

By: Andreu Rius

Session started under full rain. The track was so wet and it was difficult for the drivers to make good laps. After five minutes of activity Mitch Gilbert had an accident and session had to be interrupted.

After the track was clear, the qualifying was restarted. Drivers left the pit lane with 26 minutes for doing a good lap. Despite the bad weather sun was shining again. Eriksson had the best time (2:07.650) followed by Mardenborou, Urrutia and Stoneman. But that did not last for long as Lynn then set the best time. Now it was Yelloly’s time to grab the first position with a 2:06.805.

At the last minutes drivers were faster so positions changed a lot. Lynn was first again while Kirchhof was second and Zapmparelli third. Fourth position was for Mardenborou and fifth Bernstorff. Balthasar was out of classification because of an accident with no consequences.

When the session finished Eriksson, who did not show up until his last lap, got the pole position with a 2:05.322 followed by Lynn and Kirchhof.


Pos.CarDriver TeamLapsTimeGap
18Jimmy ErikssonSWEKoiranen GP122:05,322
210Alex LynnGBRCarlin102:05,638+ 0,316
32Marvin KirchhöferGERART Grand Prix112:06,385+ 1,063
43Dino ZamparelliGBRART Grand Prix122:06,392+ 1,070
56Jan MardenboroughGBRArden International122:06,430+ 1,108
611Emil BernstorffGBRCarlin122:06,669+ 1,347
727Richie stanawayNZLStatus Grand Prix112:06,704+ 1,382
826Nick YellolyGBRStatus Grand Prix102:06,805+ 1,483
919Riccardo AgostiniITAHilmer Motorsport112:07,202+ 1,880
1028Alfonso Celis Jr.MEXStatus Grand Prix112:07,291+ 1,969
114Robert VisoiuROMArden International122:07,293+ 1,971
1214Patrick KujalaFINMarussia Manor Racing112:07,417+ 2,095
1320Pal VarhaugNORJenzer Motorsport122:07,490+ 2,168
141Alex FontanaCHEART Grand Prix122:07,585+ 2,263
1521Mathéo TuscherCHEJenzer Motorsport112:07,601+ 2,279
1616Dean StonemanGBRMarussia Manor Racing122:07,613+ 2,291
1724Roman de BeerRSATrident112:07,753+ 2,431
1812Luis Sá SilvaANGCarlin112:07,803+ 2,481
1918Nelson MasonCANHilmer Motorsport122:08,233+ 2,911
205Patric NeiderhauserCHEArden International112:08,302+ 2,980
2115Ryan CullenGBRMarussia Manor Racing122:09,570+ 4,248
2222Adderly FongCHIJenzer Motorsport112:09,647+ 4,325
239Santiago UrrutiaURGKoiranen GP122:09,968+ 4,646
2423Victor CarboneBRATrident112:11,380+ 6,058
257Carmen JordàSPAKoiranen GP112:13,958+ 8,636
2617Sebastian BalthasarGERHilmer Motorsport1No time
2725Mitchell GilbertAUSTrident0No time