The latest two Beyond The Grid F1 podcasts from Ross Brawn and Sabine Kehm takes us closer to the legend of Michael Schumacher – on and off the track.

Schumacher had his 50th birthday few days back with the fans, his former colleagues and drivers pouring their love for the German as he lives away from the daily life with his family in his home in Geneva following the skiing incident.

With the wish of the family, his current state remains unknown with many rumours spread to ascertain the way of his living. Frankly, no one but his family and close friends know his true condition and as a mark of respect, we do not wish to spread any speculations.

Anyhow, to celebrate his birthday, F1 had two of his closest personnel on Beyond The Grid podcast with Brawn explaining how Schumacher lived his life on the race track from a racing perspective, his manager Kehm drawing towards his personality outside.

From what we have heard so far, it is true that Schumacher was a huge team player and even if he had issues with them, he wouldn’t speak about it in the media but directly with the team in the briefings and meetings.

Both Brawn and Kehm said the same while the latter added that the fondness of fans and especially the teams towards Schumacher is more because the German always used to treat his team members as family – whether they had good or bad days.

He would make sure to wish them and send gifts as well on Christmas. Aside that, they talk about the competitive nature of Schumacher as well where he never allowed any of his rivals get to his mind which eventually made him so successful.

They also discuss of his humble start and how he stayed close to his family and friends which helped him to fight through adversities. It also helped him to keep a relaxed mind despite the huge fan following and hero stature, not only in Germany but whole world.

As for his career, Kehm reveals what made him return to F1 after ending his career early on. He was in line to replace Felipe Massa after his incident 2009, but couldn’t due to his neck which was known – the brief test re-ignited the passion.

Hear Brawn and Kehm discuss all about Schumacher: