Pirelli Motorsport has shared compounds for the races in Imola, Miami, Barcelona and Monaco which forms the next four F1 rounds.

Having gone through the first three rounds in the new era with the 18-inch wheels/tyres, the Italian manufacturer has further revealed the three compounds for the next four races of the 2022 F1 season, which includes a new grand prix in Miami.

As we know, C1 is the hardest of the lot, while C5 is the softest. The naming goes in the similar direction with the event’s hardest named Hard (coloured white), the middle one named Medium (coloured yellow) and the softest named Soft (coloured red).

The first three races has seen different combination of compounds which will continue in Imola for the Emilia Romagna GP. The first of the two Italian races will see the combination of C2, C3 and C4 – where the circuit is also to host the first sprint event of 2022.

The choices will be repeated for the maiden Miami GP. The American race is the first grand prix of 2022 where the combination is being repeated, with the race to be held around the Hard Rock Stadium in a mix of street and parking lot section.

The Spanish GP will then see a repeat of the Bahrain’s choices. They will be the three hardest compounds in the range with C1, C2 and C3 for the abrasive surface at Barcelona. From the hardest, the F1 circus will go to the softest in range for Monaco GP, with C3, C4 and C5 being chosen for the iconic street race.

As we know, Pirelli previously noted that the softest compound is to be used in qualifying. Also, from 2022 F1 season onward, the rule has changed with regards to the starting tyre where teams and drivers have a free choice unlike last year where Top 10 had mandatory choice.

The fastest tyres used in Q2 was put aside to be used to start the grands prix but now it will be free choice which was seen during sprint events.

Here’s the F1 2022 compound list:

Bahrain – C1, C2, C3

Saudi Arabia – C2, C3, C4

Australia – C2, C3, C5

Emilia Romagna – C2, C3, C4

Miami – C2, C3, C4

Spain – C1, C2, C3

Monaco – C3, C4, C5

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