Pierre Gasly dominated Race 1 at the Hungaroring after starting from pole. His teammate Antonio Giovinazzi was 2nd ahead of Sergey Sirotkin.


Canamasas stalled at the start, so another formation lap was needed. Gasly kept the lead of the race ahead of Giovinazzi and Nato, while Sirotkin went down from 2nd to 4th. Gelael had an early pitstop after Eriksson punctured one of his tyres.


Sirotkin had a very good pit stop and was very close to passing Nato, but he was unable to until the following lap. The top 8 drivers hadn’t pitted with the hard tyre and the leaders were the fastest ones

on track. Marciello led ahead of Malja, Ghiotto, Lynn, Eriksson, Rowland, De Jong and Latifi. Ghiotto tried to overtake Malja, but he locked up and lost position with Lynn.


Marciello came behind Giovinazzi and Sirotkin, with fresh soft tyre, after his pit stop. Eriksson was leading and was the fastest man on track with his hard tyres, and he was P8 after he pitted. Giovinazzi got close to Gasly at the end of the race, but was unable to threaten his victory. Sirotkin completed the podium after chasing Giovinazzi for many laps. Marciello, Pic, Matsushita, Nato, King, Markelov and Evans completed the top 10, while Eriksson had to retire in the last lap after a superb race with great pace.