Oscar Piastri says not much changed with the McLaren car after the updates as the strong points and weaknesses remained.

With the updates, the results for McLaren changed hugely when they scored multiple podiums in a space of few races. This came after host of slow runs at the start of the year. Piastri did not get the updates straight up, but when he did, he was on with Lando Norris.

He didn’t shy away from fighting Max Verstappen either. But the Australian notes that there wasn’t a huge change in the car from before even with the updates. Some of the circuits helped them to be quick as the strong points and weaknesses remained.

“Yes and no,” said Piastri about getting comfortable with the car after updates. “I think the car is obviously a fair bit quicker than what we had at the start of the season. I think it still has quite similar strengths and weaknesses that we’ve started to address but still need some more work. So the car doesn’t feel massively different.

“It’s not like it’s a completely different animal to drive now. So we’ll have our strong tracks. I think Silverstone with all the high-speed corners suited us quite nicely. I think we will try and be optimistic, that we can stay more towards the front but whether we’ll be fighting for a podium again, I’m not quite sure,” summed up Piastri.

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