Red Bull Racing drivers Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon got their first chance to drive the Aston Martin Valkyrie at Silverstone circuit.

With the deal with Aston Martin ending after 2020 F1 season, Red Bull had their drivers Verstappen and Albon test the VP1 prototype of the Valkyrie. It is powered by a 6.5 litre naturally-aspirated V12 engine with a power boost from a unique hybrid system.

“I was here at Silverstone to watch the first runs of the Aston Martin Valkyrie at the British Grand Prix last year but, of course, to be one of the first guys to drive an insane car like this was really exciting,” said Verstappen.

“You can already feel the pace, which compared to a normal car is pretty different! Its levels of downforce are incredible and it looks super aggressive. It was a lot of fun out there.” Red Bull teammate Albon, added:

“Valkyrie was incredibly exciting to drive and the first thing that struck me was the visual aspect – it looks awesome. It also really feels like a racing car. Obviously there’s still some development to do, but already it feels very good, especially the balance between the corners.

“You’re missing the outright downforce, but you still feel the Gs in the corners and it definitely reacts closer to an F1 car than a normal road car. I just need to get my hands on one.” The Valkyrie was also driven by Chris Goodwin, Darren Turner and Alex Lynn.

The drove the VP2 and VP3 models, though. A total of 150 road-going Aston Martin Valkyrie is being built along with eight prototypes. The development work will continue throughout the 2020 season with focus on customer delivery.

Here’s photo gallery of Aston Martin Valkyrie:

Here’s video of Aston Martin Valkyrie:

Here’s the last run of Aston Martin Valkyrie during British GP