Juan Pablo Montoya won the World’s Fastest Gamer’s Miami eSports event where he beat variety of names who are currently racing competitively.

Having shown his skills on the real race track, Montoya put the same in the eSports arena as well, as the Colombian won the inaugural World’s Fastest Gamer’s event in Miami. It took place this weekend under the guidance of Torque esports and Allinsports.

Not just Montoya, his son Sebastian was part of it as well along with Adrian Fernandez, Ed Jones, James Davison, Eduardo Barrichello, – son of Rubens – Devlin Defrancesco, Robbie Foley, Fittipaldi brothers Pietro & Enzo, Rudy van Buren, Riley Gerster and James Baldwin.

In all, there were 24 eSports racer, who would go through qualifying and race finally in a Lamborghini Huracan GT3 car at Austria’s Red Bull Ring circuit. Montoya made it to the final and started third with Jones on pole and Davison was second.

While the latter two jostled for positions, Montoya sneaked through to take the lead and eventually win ahead of Jones. Barrichello, meanwhile, was third after passing Davison, who lost out to Baldwin as well – who started from last.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Montoya. “I can’t believe the intensity where you are racing these guys on the simulator. I was burning up – my head felt so hot because you have to be so focussed. Ed did a great job, but I was surprised I had anything for them.

“I didn’t think I was quick enough, but I just put the laps together, and it was pretty damn good – I’m surprised. I think it’s cool because the sim racers are really good. They spend a lot of hours on it.

“One of the things you could see was the racecraft from the guys that have done a lot of real racing start to pay off. In pure lap speed, the sim guys are really good, but I think we got them today in the little details.

“Honestly, from driving and watching today, I haven’t been this excited about racing in a long time. Everyone in this room who was watching was cheering for somebody – it was so cool. I’m a big believer that sim racing is going to be huge.

“But after today, this is a different level – it was incredible.” Montoya adds an eSports win to his credible career where he has won in junior championships, F1, IndyCar, NASCAR, CART, IMSA and more.