Alfa Romeo has revealed artistic version of its F1 showcar with the help of BOOGIE who has worked his magic in a new association.

With the idea of bringing fans closer to the team, Alfa Romeo teamed up with BOOGIE to create an artistic showcar ahead of the 2023 F1 season. The painted car was unveiled to the public and partners at Waldhaus Flims in the Swiss Alps.

The team calls it as an artistic project and not a PR stunt with a year-long events planned with the showcar. The next showing of the art car will in the 2023 ICE London event at EXCel on February 7-9 where the car will be placed at the stands of Stake.

There will be further appearances of the car in Zurich for the community to look at the showcar with the plans yet to be fixed. The team is also to have loyal group of fans visit the Hinwil headquarters to see the art car and even meet BOOGIE.

Further on, the art car will be auctioned by Memento Exclusives through F1 Authentics where they will to raise funds for Save the Children. “We are proud to bring this project to life together with an incredible artist such as BOOGIE,” said Alessandro Alunni Bravi. “He is like us, the embodiment of talent who came to call Switzerland home and evolved a unique style and way of doing things.

“Like BOOGIE, we are not afraid to challenge the way things are done and the Art Car project is the best example of this. Most importantly, we don’t want the Art Car to remain closed in our HQ: it’s a project for our community, for our fans, to get closer to the team – first through the JigSpace AR experience, then in person – and feel what drives us. I am excited about seeing this project grow and I can’t wait for the next few months.”

At the same time, BOOGIE: “The opportunity to paint a Formula One car doesn’t come every day – it’s a once in a lifetime chance, and to do it for a team based in Switzerland has a special meaning for me.

“With my design, I have tried to convey the spirit of this team: the letters all coming together to form the art symbolise all the people, partners and organisations that contribute to create this car. Alfa Romeo F1 Team Stake is a team – that goes beyond its name: it’s a group of people with a vision that is more than the sum of its parts.”




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