Aston Martin shared photos of Sebastian Vettel and the F1 team visiting the Stoke Mandeville Hospital in the UK to talk about spinal injuries.

Amid the gap between the races in Italy and Singapore, Vettel took time to visit the Stoke Mandeville Hospital to meet the NHS staff and patients in the National Spinal Injuries centre to talk and understand about the work done related to spinal injuries.

Ever since joining Aston Martin, Vettel has been doing regular out-of-F1 things, whether it is visiting certain hospitals or doing his work related to bees or even attending debates related to environment. This visit joins that list as he inches closer to life outside F1.

“This morning, we took some time out with Sebastian to visit Stoke Mandeville Hospital, meeting NHS staff and patients at the National Spinal Injuries Centre to learn more about their ground-breaking work,” read a statement from Aston Martin.

“During our visit, we discovered more about the unit’s life-changing treatment techniques, witnessing first-hand how the staff help patients with short and long-term spinal cord injuries on their rehabilitation journey.

“We were all inspired by the heroic work being done at the unit and the sheer courage on display from the patients. Thank you to the Stoke Mandeville Hospital and their incredible staff for having us and, most importantly, for all that they do.”

Here’s photos from his visit:

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