Phillip Island it’s always a special, and it can be this for varios reasons and like WSBKL riders tested today when they saw that Pirelli tyres which use on their bikes can secure to finish the race in a secure conditions the race that remains to finish the australian weekend.

Yonny Hernandez, saw how his rear tyre exploted in the middle of the race because of the massive degradation, and then Jonathan Rea lost a podium also because of the degradation, but fortunately he could finish the race. Pirelli it’s not secure that his tires can finish the race, for i trace direction has declared Sunday’s race as a flag to flag race.

It’s not the first time that this happens at Phillip Island circuit. In 2013, MotoGP had to declare his race flag to flag also but, on WSBK case they only have one bike and they will have to change de wheels when they do the mandatory pit stop, a pit stop that must be made between lap 10 and lap 12. All the riders that stop earlier or later will see the blanck flag and will be desqualified from the race.

“Unfortunately we had some issues regarding the tyre life [in race one]. Following a meeting with the teams to discuss the possible options, we decided the best way was to do a flag-to-flag, which luckily our rules comply with. We normally use it for climactic purposes, but now we are using it for other purposes, unless it rains”, said Gregorio Lavilla, Sporting director of the championship.