After ten years out of Formula 1 as an oil and fuel supplier, Petrobras has closed a deal to come back to the series as the official supplier for McLaren team. The Brazilian company will be McLaren’s new technology partner starting from 2019.

As the Brazilian press said yesterday, McLaren and Petrobras have signed an agreement that will associate them for the next years. In 2018, the company will be one of the Woking-based team’s sponsors in the car and in the drivers’ suits; and will collaborate with the team in the developement of the 2019 car.

As the media website Grande Premio, the agreement will not include the entry of any Brazilian driver in the team. However, the important economic input the company will do makes it become a strong partner of the British team for the upcoming seasons.

Petrobras has gone through tough years due to a corruption case that ruined the company’s image. A great case involving bribes and dirty money with the company involved shook the country up. This, however, has not been a problem for McLaren, who are out of the situation and has closed this deal for 2019.

The Brazilian fuel company returns to Formula 1 after a ten-year absence. They were the official suppliers for Williams between 1998 and 2008, and their collaboration was discontinued in 2009. With Felipe Massa joining the team in 2014, they returned to work with the Grove-based team, but only as a sponsor.

“Partnerships are strategic for Petrobras.” Said Pedro Parente, Petrobras CEO. “The technologies developed for Formula 1 will be transferred to the products we offer our customers, and being at the forefront of fuel and lubricant development is of value to our company, its shareholders and customers”.

“Brazil’s passion for Formula 1 is legendary and the country has produced some of the most iconic names in Formula 1 history.” Said Zak Brown, McLaren executive director. “We are delighted to deepen our relationship with Brazilian F1 fans through our partnership with Petrobras, a flagship brand for the nation. Petrobras is an ambitious organisation and we look forward to McLaren being an accelerator and enhancer in their brand-building efforts.”