Sergio Perez says that working with the likes of Adrian Newey and a talented Red Bull team is the realization of a dream, adding on Honda.

Newey, the technical director of Red Bull since 2006, is highly regarded as an aerodynamicist, but just one of the many highly talented members that makes up the Milton-Keynes based F1 outfit.

Perez, who also found Red Bull’s facilities striking, says that to work with such figures is to realise a dream of his, and that he has begun a process of acclimation with the team. He likens this to ‘a dog finding a new family’.

“When you come here, you realize straight away why they’ve been so successful, the amount of infrastructure they have, development and people, they have very capable people here,” Perez said in an interview conducted by Red Bull.

“The organisation is tremendously high, a lot of people and the resources that you see here are very impressive. I can’t wait to get on track with with my group of people. Obviously, I’d [spent] seven years with a team so it feels different.

“It’s like a dog finding a new family, and being with a family for so many years, you are used to seeing them and then all of the sudden you’re changing. But I have to say, I’m starting to feel very comfortable here,” Perez continued.

He went on to call Red Bull a ‘fantastic’ and ‘united’ team. “It’s a fantastic team, very united and I can see that there’s a lot of fun ahead of us,” said Perez. “It’s just a dream come true, working with Adrian, with the amount of people, with the amount of engineers and and the level of engineering inside this team is very impressive.

Through 2021, Perez will also work with Honda as an engine supplier, an activity he looks forward to ‘enormously’. The Mexican says he strives to deliver Honda their first F1 championship since the 1991 season with Ayrton Senna and McLaren in 2021, before they end their relationship with Red Bull

“I am looking forward to that enormously,” said Perez. “I am aware that everyone at Honda is working hard for their last season in the sport and with the whole Red Bull family we hope to finish at the top together. Hopefully we will give Honda that title in the last year.”

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