Simon Pagenaud has won in Baltimore Streets after probably the most eventful race during all championship. He was followed by Newgarden and Sebastian Bourdais 

Photo Indycar Media

Power overtook Dixon at the beggining of the race and he will continue in this position until lap 32. Dixon was behind him during all this time trying to overtake him in the restarts, Dixon was very effective in the starts during all race. Panic was in Castroneves boxes when he had to go inside for changing the front nose and start with strategies solutions.

James Jakes made the first caution when he went straight to the protections in the chicane and when Filippi was out of the race with some flames in the back of his car.


Good strategies movements for Servia and Kanaan made that they recover positions until the top5 during the race. Unhappyly some contacts made them go to the back positions when they were fighting for go into the first positions.

Dixon and Power enter into pits what made that a surprising Bourdais (started 22nd) took the lead, he overtook all drivers by strategy, and the frenchman started to make fast lap after fast lap. Meanwhile Dixon and Power had a fight between them and with the traffic, what made that when Bourdais enter in pits he could get the real first position of the race.


First turn was a really problem for the drivers, lot of contacts and cautions has been there Rahal touched Dixon and make him spin. Servia in this moment was 4th.

After the new restart Power and Dixon were trying to get a position when they crashed in the straight. Dixon touched the wall and he was very angry. Again Power, again another problem with the same driver, and because Indycar Marshalls didnt allow Dixon to continue the race when his car has few injures. Power couldnt come back again to the track. In this moment Rahal got the first position. A great race for Rahal that was the biggest overtake today specially in the chicane where he was the only one using this overtaking point


Anyway the race continues and in the new restart Andretti took advantage, but again the race was stopped. There was another crash in the first corner. With this all situations had made that Bourdais lose some positions and people as Andretti, Pagenaud or Newgarden were fighting for the race

After two more safety car situations the fight was between Andretti, Pagenaud, Newgarden and Bourdais. Bourdais seemed to be the fastest but he was not enough calm so he lost the chance to win the race in his first fights. Finally Pagenaud was the winner followed by Newgarden and Bourdais.


Castroneves had a bad day in Baltimore with pit box positions, even with some contact during the race but anyway he knew how to take his car to the goal and get more points for his leadership in the championship.


Castroneves is still leader of the championship completing all championship lap with and advantage of 49 points with Dixon and 70 points with Pagenaud after his good race in Baltimore

Next race will be in Houston with a double race which probably decide the Indycar champion