Jonny Edgar was de polesiter, but despite he could retain it after the start of the final, the brit was  passed by Lorenzo Travissanuto. Anyway, the Exprit driver could recover the lead before the end of the first lap. Meanwhile, Nicklas Nielsen was third, Callum Bradshaw fourth and Tom Joyner fifth. At the third lap, Pedro Hiltbrand was fourth after overtake Joyner. The spaniard of CRG team was demonstrating a great pace.

A lap after, Nielsen estarted to put a gap between him and the field, getting a half of a second over Travissanuto, who was immediately behind the danish. That wasn’t the only problema for the italian, because Bradshaw was geting next to him.

BVefore go into lap seven Bradshaw overtook Travissanuto and inmediatly after, Hiltbrand did the same to go third. From behind, Janker who was sixth and Kilian Meyer, the other CRG spaniard, was 12th.

On trhe last 3 laps of the race, Janker attacked Bradshaw and overtook the brit on the same corfner that Hiltbrand did. Behind them, Travissanuto fought to retain the fifth position. Meyer was 13th.

And thing didn’t changed at the end of the race. Nicklas Nielsen finished on first position and became the winner of the round with more tan 2 seconds over Pedro Hiltbrand who finished second and Hannes Janker who completed the pódium. Callum Bradshaw was fourth and Lorenzo Travissanuto was fifth. The others spaniards, Kilian -Meyer finished 13th and David Vidales couldn’t finish the race and had to retire.