Nico Hulkenberg who joins Renault Sport F1 Team said he had a pretty good day following the planning and car performance, and feels good to be at Renault.

The German driver said that yesterday they followed the program as expected while learning all the time, focusing on them and not on the others

«Obviously we follow our programme and learn about the car, it’s pretty much a work in progress situation. We are trying the soft tyres for the first time now. Basically it’s learning learning learning. I think we are alright but obviously there’s a lot of competition out there.”

“I don’t know where do we stand overall to be honest and I don’t think I am interested either. The important is for us to do our homework to get prepared as good as possible for the first race. We have another four days next week and honestly we don’t look too much about where we stand.”

He is also happy with Renault as a team comparing with the other ones that he was driving, the same feeling have with the car performance, he only cares on the car and not himself:

 “I’ve found a good team. So far I am really happy about how things go and how we work together. Obviously it’s only the beginning but so far it’s really good.”

“Yes the car is fast, I think that is what everybody expected. The tyres help a lot to brake later and to be faster in the corners. The tyres seem to hold on pretty well, we will see how the things will go when it gets warmer but so far it’s good.”

“I think it’s not really important if I am happy today or not. I think it was an ok day almost got a hundred laps between Jolyon and myself today which is ok. We are building our knowledge of the car, of the tyres and so on. So it was a good day.”

“We are always looking for power, it can always be better. Especially with these cars you know, they are draggier so we are looking for more downforce to counterbalance that. And a strong engine is always good.”