One of the most important rumours recently have been the uncertainty that Williams will be able to be at the first test in Barcelona or not before being too agressive on the developement of their new car, the Williams FW41. Finally, we have been noticed that they will be next February 26 on the track.

Grove’s car will be presented next thursday 15 in society and we will see it for the first time 11 days later on the first day of testing at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. That will be the first car that Paddy Lowe would have worked with since he left Mercedes because this will be his first entire season at Williams as technical director.

Motorsport tells that this Williams has been created with a new construction methods of the car that are pretty diferent from past years. The team was noticed about the bad dynamic since 2014, so they were worried and tryied to redrive the situation. That becomes in a year where the Grove based team will not have a experienced F1 driver, but rules haven’t changed too much. The most important change on the car is the addition of the halo.