Despite completing an almost perfect stint, Fernando Alonso’s car, driven by Lando Norris in this part of the race, has once again suffered problems that have had him ten minutes in box.

In fact, the other car of United Autosports, team of Fernando Alonso, was at the third position, with safe distance in his position when it has also come the turn for problems. Owen, who was at the wheel, had to enter the box where afterwards they could not start the car. Di Resta has replaced his partner and after losing 4 laps they have gone back out on track, this time in fifth position. They are now three laps from the Top 3, which now occupies Dumas, CORE autosport.

The fight for the leadership is still a matter of two. The Cadillac 5 and 31 are at the front of the competition. Fittipaldi nearly loses his firts position when he had to enter at the box and their team removed the engine cover to apply some modifications. He has been there for about 5 minutes but the thing has not passed from there. He lost the two laps of advantage on the Cadillac of Conway who was less tan a second behind Fittipaldi. The driver of the car number 5 has managed the situation perfectly and he has gone to more than eleven seconds distance in not many laps.

Conway then took the opportunity to receive the same modifications as Fittipaldi. He entered the box and the advantage that separated the two Cadillac before the yellow flag, returned.

Another one of the outstanding fights we have seen in this last 3 hours, is the one that is living in the category of the GTML. Both Fords have received the visit from Rockenfeller. The German rider who shares team with Antonio García, have recovered the lost lap and the three are in the fight to take the victory in this category.

The times of the drivers above have already crossed the barrier of 1:38:00, rolling in 37 and a half. With four hours remaining, the Cadillac are the main candidates for victory.