Mitch Evans go up to the highest step of the podium for the second time this season in a race full of overtakes. Stoffel Vandoorne and Alex lynn finished behind him.

Second race of the weekend and in the pole position, Alex Lynn is ready to lead the field in the formation lap. The lights gone off. In the first lap of the race, Lynn maintains the first position and Matsushita makes a good start but he spun in the first corner. Also in this lap 1, there has been an accident between Oliver Rowland, who looks fine after the collision, and René Binder, who had to retire due to the damage on his MP Motorsport car and the safety car is deployed. This safety car period lasts 3 laps. Apart from the crash of Rowland in the rear of Binder, there’re also more debris on track from other minimum clashes between Haryanto, King and Gasly.

The race was restarted with 20 laps to go with Alex Lynn in the lead, followed by Vandoorne and Evans. One lap after the safety car left the track, we saw another spin: this time starring Daniel De Jong. We also have seen as Vandoorne was overtaken by Evans in the main straight.

Later on, Markelov and Marciello were fighting for sixth place and they starred a very close fight that was make fans hair stand on end. On the other hand, Mitch Evans approached Lynn and became very attached to him. Evans took the lead taking advantage of a slight loss of traction of the British, but Lynn has managed to regain the position. On the next lap, the driver from New Zealand tried again to pass Lynn and finally got the position. Lynn took the slipstream, but not only was unable to advance again, but in a couple of laps also looked ahead by Stoffel Vandoorne and fell to third place.

In the absence of 7 laps, the tires performance began to fall, and Pic and Negrao came to the pit in order to change their tires.

We reached the last lap and Sirotkin unexpectedly overtook Marciello on the outside of Turn 12.

So, the race drew to a close with the deserved victory of Mitch Evans. Second place went to Stoffel Vandoorne and third to Alex Lynn had been able to climb the podium. Sirotkin has achieved the fourth position in the last lap, replacing Marciello, who has finished fifth completing the TOP 5.