The future of Mercedes and Aston Martin in F1 has been linked with Toto Wolff and Lawrence Stroll as multiple options comes into light.

A joint investigation by and has shed light on multiple deals being discussed behind the scenes, which revolves around the future of Mercedes and Aston Martin and Wolff and Stroll, in F1 as well as road car side.

Aston Martin has already confirmed about potential talks with investors, which includes Racing Point F1 Team co-owner Stroll. Chinese company Geely have been also mentioned in the talks, as they eye an investment in the British car maker as well.

At the same time, Wolff has now been linked to a role with Aston Martin, where it is being reported that Mercedes may quit F1 and become a minority shareholder, while continuing to supply engines to the new team along with existing customers.

The idea is for Aston Martin to replace the current Mercedes works team, where the German manufacturer then becomes only an engine supplier to the new team, McLaren, Racing Point and Williams – provided that Racing Point wishes to keep the deal.

Should Stroll move on to Aston Martin, it is also being reported that he may sell the stakes of Racing Point to Russian businessman Dmitry Mazepin – father of racer Nikita – who was running in line against the Canadian to buy the F1 team from Vijay Mallya.

Wolff has been vocal about the benefits Daimler Group has from having Mercedes in F1 but the latest reports suggests of discussions and probably a decision in their February board meet. They have to act swiftly as the Concorde Agreement is up in the air too.

The timeline is less if they wish to pull the plug at the end of 2020 F1 season. Should everything happen as per the reports, it will turn the sport’s landscape around as Lewis Hamilton’s future will be one to watch, if he leaves and or moves to Ferrari.

Amid all this, the Red Bull Racing and Aston Martin association may see some change as well, as if the British car maker comes in as a full F1 team, it may end its sponsorship and technical contract the Austrian outfit. It remains to be seen what happens, eventually.

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