McLaren are exploring their power unit options for the 2026 F1 season and beyond after Zak Brown visited the Red Bull facility.

With Red Bull entering the 2026 F1 season as power unit suppliers under ‘Red Bull Powertrains Ford’ banner, they are to supply engines and its components to the senior team and also AlphaTauri as things stand at the moment.

With the success they have had with Honda currently, it makes them a viable option for customer teams in the future. McLaren is already one to explore their options if they wish to switch from Mercedes to any other power unit manufacturer for 2026.

They are limited on options as such with Honda and maybe even Audi not an option and their previous run with Renault could rule them out leaving Ferrari and RBPT Ford as their only options. This hasn’t been confirmed by McLaren, just to be clear.

As of now, Bown visited the Red Bull facility in Milton Keynes. “We have a solid partnership with HPP,” said McLaren team principal Andrea Stella to media. “At the same time, it’s obvious that looking far forward, you want to understand what’s available.

“So, I think that’s natural. Shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.” At the same time, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner joked about Brown coming in for a lunch but agreed with Stella of the visit not being a surprise considering they are to be a power unit manufacturer.

“I thought he was coming for lunch,” started Horner. “It’s obvious as that, as a power unit manufacturer for 2026, it’s inevitable that discussions are going to be held regarding potential powertrain supply and that’s only natural that we would speak with potential customers.”

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