The fourth round of the championship at the Nürburgring has been quiet, dominated by British driver McKee has done a very good start winning the first position to Sims.

The output has been moved in the first positions which include, in the first position, the advancement of McKee to Sims, who started first. There has also been action in the third and fourth in Yelloly happened to Sainz stealing third.
Regalia, winner of the first race of the Nürburgring, has had a mechanical problem on the formation lap that made you break out of the box and his hopes for the win. You have finished the race out of the points making it discourages the global struggle which is second behind Ellinais, which today has opened gap in the standings.
There have been many interesting fights the group that led the race for the top position where there McKee and Sims, by a third between Yelloly and Williamson … But in the end have not seen overtaking at those positions respectively.
In the end, the race has taken the young bitánico McKee has done a brilliant career standing first from the beginning. The podium was completed in the second step, Sims and third Yelloly. Williamson was fourth followed by Sainz now has not done a good job.
The world ranking after Nürburgring has not changed in the first positions are:
Ellinais first gaining on leader leaving on the second and third place, second Regalia, which due to technical problems has not scored, and third the young Korjus, that came twenty and has not been rated.