Despite the victory of Joey Van Splunteren, Mark Kimber won the IAME X30 Senior Euro Series 2018 in the last round of the championship, which was very dramatic due to the rain and the battles among four contenders with option to win the title.

The final race started five minutes before due to the approaching rain. In the start, Joe Turney got the leadership from the third position. Lorenzo Travisanutto was second and Danny Keirle, the poleman, positioned third,

While he was fourth, Joey Van Splunteren, overtook Keirle and Turney. At the same time, Travissanuto became the race leader. Behind this four drivers, Mark Kimber and Clayton Ravenscroft started an intensive battle for the fifth place.

When the race was very quiet, it started to rain. Because of this, Splunteren collided with Travisanutto, who went out of the track. He returned to the track in the seventh position. The Dutchman driver got the leadership and some laps after he finished the race in first position, because the final ended four laps before due to the rain.

Mark Kimber, who finally achieved to be 5th in the race, became IAME X30 SENIOR Euro Series 2018 champion. The British driver beat Van Splunteren in their particular battle for the championship.