Jann Mardenborough won easily the second GP3 race in Hockenheim. The british driver imposed after starting from first position, while Zamparelli finished second having done an overtake to Eriksson in the start, who was third. Lynn finished fourth while Kirchhöfer, yesterday’s winner, retired.

Jann Mardenborough was able to hold the pression and convert his 8th place “pole” in victori in German Grand Prix short race, in Hockenheimring. Not that much of fight on track despite position changes in first turns. Kirchhöfer made a bad actuation in the first laps and despite having won yesterday he had to retire.

Mardenborough maintained lead in the start without giving any opportunity to Zamparelli, who overtook for second place Eriksson, now third. Great start from Alex Lynn who quickly was fourth trying to overtake his rival in the championship.

In the third braking zone, Varhaug touched Balthasar. The first was obligated to retire and made three laps of yellow flag while the young Hilmer driver was able to continue from last position. Bernstorff and Kirchhöfer were also to retire as a cause to a touch between both that would be investigated. Despite having won the first race, ART driver did not make a good start and could not maintain until chequered flag.

Alex Lynn would try to overtake Eriksson, but was impossible for him and Swedish ran away for Zamparelly, without exit neither. Who was able to make overtake was Stoneman. He overtook Yelloly achieving fifth position.

Mardenborough widened the lead and arrived to the finish with almost four seconds of advantage over Zamparelli. First victory this season for Arden driver, who was able to maintain in the lead when he had to.

Next race will be in six days, Saturday of Hungarian Grand Prix, in Budapest circuit.


Pos.CarDriver TeamGapDiff
16Jan MardenboroughGBRArden InternationalAfter 18 Laps
23Dino ZamparelliGBRART Grand Prix+ 3,860+ 3,860
38Jimmy ErikssonSWEKoiranen GP+ 6,196+ 2,336
410Alex LynnGBRCarlin+ 7,087+ 0,891
516Dean StonemanGBRMarussia Manor Racing+ 8,688+ 1,601
626Nick YellolyGBRStatus Grand Prix+ 9,169+ 0,481
75Patric NeiderhauserCHEArden International+ 10,046+ 0,877
827Richie StanawayNZLStatus Grand Prix+ 13,158+ 3,112
919Riccardo AgostiniITAHilmer Motorsport+ 13,502+ 0,344
104Robert VisoiuROMArden International+ 14,251+ 0,749
1112Luis Sá SilvaANGCarlin+ 15,999+ 1,748
1221Mathéo TuscherCHEJenzer Motorsport+ 21,983+ 5,984
1322Adderly FongCHIJenzer Motorsport+ 22,949+ 0,966
141Alex FontanaCHEART Grand Prix+ 23,343+ 0,394
1518Nelson MasonCANHilmer Motorsport+ 24,801+ 1,458
1614Patrick KujalaFINMarussia Manor Racing+ 27,467+ 2,666
1724Roman De BeerRSATrident+ 29,522+ 2,055
189Santiago UrrutiaURGKoiranen GP+ 30,129+ 0,607
1915Ryan CullenGBRMarussia Manor Racing+ 42,308+ 12,179
2023Victor CarboneBRATrident+ 43,252+ 0,944
2117Sebastian BalthasarGERHilmer Motorsport+ 43,815+ 0,563
227Carmen JordàSPAKoiranen GP+ 69,384+ 25,569
DNF28Alfonso Celis Jr.MEXStatus Grand Prix+ 1 Lap
DNF25Mitchell GilbertAUSTrident+ 6 Laps
DNF11Emil BernstorffGBRCarlin+ 10 Laps
DNF2Marvin KirchhöferGERART Grand Prix+ 11 Laps
DNF20Pal VarhaugNORJenzer Motorsport+ 18 Laps