The French driver, Brandon Maisan won his fifth race of the season in the Toyota Racing Series in the last round of the championship at Manfeild circuit. Maisano and Maini are the only ones with Stroll, who can win the championship. 63 points of distance between them and each race are 75 points, with the final two races and 150 points to play and just one single championship winner.


  1. Brandon Maisano
  2. Arjun Maini
  3. Sam MacLeod
  4. Callum Ilott
  5. Santino Ferrucci
  6. Lance Stroll
  7. Artem Markelov
  8. Sergio Sette Camara
  9. James Munro
  10. Stefan Riener
  11. Ferdinand Habsburg
  12. Damon Leitch
  13. Brendon Leitch
  14. Mathias Kristensen
  15. Charlie Eastwood
  16. Matteo Ferrer
  17. Alfonso Celis
  18. Jamie Conroy
  19. Thomas Randle
  20. Nikita Mazepin

Fastest lap, and record lap by: Brandon Maisano 1:02.653