Lorenzo still thinks that 2018 engine it’s better, but he has a lot of doubts about the chasis: “It’s important to test last year bike. Today it has been complicated and seeing the situation we decided to do it. We have already good thinks on the new bike, but also it has bad thinks. The problem is that in Qatar it will be dificult to do a mix, but if I have to chose on this momento and take a conclusión, I would chose 2018 bike.”

“In Qatar we will be better than here, similar to Sepang and waiting to find a package as son as posible to be more competitive. We have to be patient on the first races and try to get the best result, says Lorenzo who probably expects bad results on the first events of the season, after seeing the big diference of performance between Buriram testing and Sepang.

“We can’t take conclusions from today because when every did his time i was with old tyres. When I used the new tyres I did a race simulation and I wasn’t agresive like when you do one lap. We are better than what says this 22º position, not to do a top3, but still better than being betwen the 3 last riders, concludes the spaniard after a frustrating week riding his Ducati.