German Lirim Zendeli will start on P1 tomorrow on Race 1 and Race 2 after setting the fastest lap on the both Qualifying on Oschersleben. His experience in category will give him the tittle if he continues the perfomance showed today. The sessions were delayed 50 minutes due an incident in ADAC GT Masters.

Qualifying 1

Liam Lawson reached 1st position in the first ever lap followed by Frederik Vesti, Oliver Caldwell, Konsta Lappalainen, Joey Alders and Alecco Roy Lucas. Lawason and Vesti improved his time on second lap while Charles Weert reached 1st position. Fittipaldi climbed to 3rd just before Andreas Estner placed there.

The track went better and was time to see Lawson on top again. After that Fittipaldi setted the second best time with Vesti just behind. Lawson improved his lap but he could do anything to stop Fittipaldi who setted the fastet lap. Zendeli placed 3rd in that moment.

Both US Racing’s drivers improved and Wishofer placed first just before Zendeli setted the fastest lap. After that, anyone could improve and the US Racing took the first row on the grid followed by Fittipaldi, Lawson and Vesti.

Qualifying 2

Andreas Estner setted the pace in the first ever lap with Caldwell just behind and Sebastian Estner on third. Just few moments before Fittipaldi placed 1st and Weerts 2nd. PREMA’s driver wanted to be in pole. Behind him Caldwell setted P4 after being fastest on Sector 1.

Zendeli, Lawson, Wishofer and Schumacher waited on pits so long while Vesti reached P2. Zendeli on track, german setted fastest lap and anyone couldn’t improve it. Fittipaldi improved his own time but he couldn’t beat Zendeli. It started to rain so grid was decided. Behind Zendeli and Fittipaldi, Vesti placed 3rd, Weerts 4th and Lappalainen 5th.

Lawson, Wishofer and Schumacheer showed a good performance on Q1 but the were wrong waiting on pits and went to bottom of grid.