There has been a great weekend. After a victory and a second place on Saturday, Van Amersfoort driver could impose himself again, in this occasion stating from the seventh position in Lausitzring. His team mate Charles Weerts was also in the pódium completing the one-two of the Dutch team. Mick Wishofer has been third.

The inverted order of the grid permitted to see Joey Alders first, ahead of David Schumacher. Enzo Fittipaldi, lost his third position against Weerts. Behind them, Lawson was fifth folowed by Oliver Caldwell, Mick Wishofer and Lirim Zendeli

After a few laps, the top group, formed by 8 drivers, does not seem to fall apart. Alders could not escape the others. This situation made them be very close from each other. Taking profit of that Zendeli overtook Caldwell to be seventh.

On lap 5,   Fittipaldi lost three positions in the blink of an eye. The Brazilian driver during all weekend could find the good pace and was overtook by the three drivers that end at the top: Lawson, Wishofer and Zendeli.

On lap 7, Weerts went from the interior lane towards Schumacher. However, the Van Amersfoort could not stop his car , and he could not overtake him, being third again.

A lap after, the same happened to Zendeli against his US Racing team mate. Finally, Weerts could overtake Schumacher that had a slow pace, Lawson was very close to his back wing proving that he had a better pace.

On lap 9 , the winner of the first race of the weekend overtook Schumacher that was defending his position until the limit even taking Lawson centimeters near the wall in order to not be overtaken. Ralf son’s problems did not stop here, because Wishofer and Zendeli arrived and putting themselves close of his team mate.

A lap later, Wishofer overtook Schumacher that could not defend the position anymore. Alders, lost the gap that had because Weerts and Lawson had a better pace. The three Van Amersfoort single-seaters, in the three first positions, a situation that will not last much.

On lap 10, Weerts got over his team mate and he took the leadership. Immediately after, Lawson did the same. Alders, was no covering the gaps,  respecting his team mates. Before ending the lap Wishofer also overtook the leader of the race in all laps disputated. On the second turn, Zendeli was the one who overtook Alders that has lost his pace.

2 laps later showed the worst nightmare for the Van Amersfoort rookie. At the end of the turn, he ended on the gravel, fact that made him lose control of the car. Schumacher was close in order to avoid the car had to go to the grass, losing 4 positions.  Alders could finish the race in 14th  position. Schumacher retired when here were two laps left until the end. Thanks to the incident, Fittipaldi could be p5.

2 laps left until the end, Vesti overtook a weak Fittipaldi that ended sixth. Lawson, opened a gap that consolidates him as the winner of the race. The fight fr the second position was between Weerts and the two drivers from the US Racing Wishofer and Zendeli. After lots of attacks Weerts obtained the second place followed by Wishofer and Zendeli. Verti was fifth, Fittipaldi sixth, Caldwell seventh, Krütten eighth, Petecof ninth and  Köhler completed the top 10.