Former Formula 1 champion Niki Lauda is back on the recovery road after a brief crisis last week as per the report by leading Austrian newspaper OE 24.

The paper reported that Lauda’s condition worsened on Thursday and Friday after the new lung wasn’t accepted by the other parts of his body, especially the kidneys – which the doctors described as a usual phenomenon in lung transplant.

As per thoracic surgeon Dr. Peter Jaksch, the risk of rejection is highest in the first year. Lauda received dialysis catheter then, as his condition was described to be serious but not life-threatening, with complications common in such surgery.

The newspaper, however, posted an update on Lauda’s condition earlier today stating that the issues have now be resolved and his health improved rapidly over the weekend after the brief issue. The dialysis catheter for his kidneys were also removed.

OE 24 reports there are no devices attached now to his body and that he already undertook his first breathing exercise along with physiotherapy. It added that the 69-year-old could breathe independently and also speak with the doctors.

The non-executive chairman of Mercedes team will however remain in the intensive care unit for more time as is the case in lung transplant, but the report insisted of no danger to his life and that Lauda is back on the recovery road already.

Last week the doctors explained the need of a lung transplant for the former driver. They stated that the Austrian would have died if the surgery wasn’t performed on time. The hospital hasn’t updated on Lauda since the last statement on August 6.