The season is coming to an end and Lando Norris seems that he have almost the title on his hands but he have to make it a reality. His first championship point will be tomorrow.

The British who is leading the championship with 202 points, thanks to his 5 victories, 4 podiums and also thanks to score points in every race except Monte Carlo.

The Josef Kaufmann Racing driver have 56.5 points more than Max Defourny, and 63 points more than Dorian Boccolacci.

What have to do Norris to win the title?

If Max Defourny wins, and Norris finish second he will have a lead of 49.5, which is almost done but everything can happen in motorsport, so the key for Norris to take the championship tomorrow is to see how Defourny is not winning the race. But knowing Lando, we are sure that he will push for his 6th win of the season.

Here all the possible scenarios positions, that can make Norris champion:

  Norris Defourny Boccolacci
Scenario 1 4th 2nd 1st
Scenario 2 6th 3rd 2nd
Scenario 3 7th 4th 3rd
Scenario 4 8th 5th 4th or worse
Scenario 5 9th 6th 4th or worse
Scenario 6 11th 7th 4th or worse