Marvin Kirchhofer scored his first win of the season in the GP3 Hockenheim. The championship leader Alex Lynn finished second followed by Emil Bernstorff. Jimmy Eriksson finished seventh des career after leaving the tenth. 

Kirchhofer retained first place in the output like Alex Lynn in second. They were followed in third place and Yelloly Bernstorff. Gilbert made ​​a disastrous exit down to ninth place while Eriksson was up to eighth after leaving tenth. The first drop would in turn 2 with Alfonso Celis Jr. leaving the race due to breakage of the front suspension of your car when hit with Cullen fought for twenty-first place. 6 laps later gave Carmen Jorda who was running in the last position. 

On lap 12 Kirchhofer was the fastest lap while Tuscher lost sixth benefit of Dean Stoneman. The next round of the Swiss Jenzer would also advance by Eriksson, Stanaway and Agostini. These two drivers fight after the eighth awarded pole position for tomorrow. A fight that went Agostini benefited Kiwi pilot to overcome the absence of 5 laps. Tuscher lost any chance of finishing in the points after suffering an off-track. 

The limit was reached and Mardenborough is the eighth while getting beat Stoneman Zamparelli and climb to fifth place.


Pos.CarDriver TeamGapDiff
12Marvin KirchhöferGERART Grand Prix18 Laps
210Alex LynnGBRCarlin+ 3,300+ 3,300
311Emil BernstorffGBRCarlin+ 4,400+ 1,100
426Nick YellolyGBRStatus Grand Prix+ 9,700+ 5,300
516Dean StonemanGBRMarussia Manor Racing+ 12,900+ 3,200
63Dino ZamparelliGBRART Grand Prix+ 14,900+ 2,000
78Jimmy ErikssonSWEKoiranen GP+ 16,700+ 1,800
86Jan MardenboroughGBRArden International+ 17,100+ 0,400
919Riccardo AgostiniITAHilmer Motorsport+ 18,200+ 1,100
104Robert VisoiuROMArden International+ 18,700+ 0,500
111Alex FontanaCHEART Grand Prix+ 20,400+ 1,700
125Patric NeiderhauserCHEArden International+ 29,000+ 8,600
1327Richie StanawayNZLStatus Grand Prix+ 29,400+ 0,400
1425Mitchell GilbertAUSTrident+ 29,600+ 0,200
1522Adderly FongCHIJenzer Motorsport+ 29,800+ 0,200
1618Nelson MasonCANHilmer Motorsport+ 32,600+ 2,800
1712Luis Sá SilvaANGCarlin+ 37,200+ 4,600
1821Mathéo TuscherCHEJenzer Motorsport+ 37,400+ 0,200
1920Pal VarhaugNORJenzer Motorsport+ 37,600+ 0,200
2015Ryan CullenGBRMarussia Manor Racing+ 41,900+ 4,300
2124Roman De BeerRSATrident+ 46,900+ 5,000
229Santiago UrrutiaURGKoiranen GP+ 47,200+ 0,300
2323Victor CarboneBRATrident+ 81,200+ 34,000
2417Sebastian BalthasarGERHilmer Motorsport+ 2 Laps2 Laps
 14Patrick KujalaFINMarussia Manor Racing+ 11 Laps9 Laps
 7Carmen JordàSPAKoiranen GP+ 17 Laps6 Laps
 28Alfonso Celis Jr.MEXStatus Grand Prix