Niko Kari continues in his dominance in Sochi Autodrom, this tie the Finn driver get another victory in race 2.

It’ wasn’t an easy win for Kari who at the start was overtook by Korneev. The start was very accidental with Hovinen stopped at the grid, Maslernikov crashed into him. This wasn’t the only crash of the first lap, Evsitgneev spun at turn 3 and Sitinkov crashed with his compatriot.

This cause the safety car with Korneev leading the race in front of Kari, Atoev and Nylund.

At the restart, Kari did an overwhelming maneuver over Korneev to take the lead of the race until the end. The Finland young driver now is the leading of the championship.

Also great racing by Ahmed who protagonist an amazing comeback overtaking Laaksonen and Nylud to finish on fourth place.