Belgian driver Jérôme d’Ambrosio has been the fastest in qualifying ahead of Nicolas Prost and Lucas Di Grassi while Sébastien Buemi made a mistake in his Superpole lap.

The first group consists of Sarrazin, Duval, Heidfeld and Vergne.

With the length of the track, it is difficult to generate more than one full power lap. All the drivers could only make one and only stint. Vergne sets the best time of the session with a 1:04.268 followed by Duval, Sarrazin and Heidfeld. Vergne admitted he was at the limit with his car and it might not be enough for Superpole and Duval said it was very tough physically considering the altitude.

VER 1:04.268 | DUV 1:04.492 | SAR 1:04.583 | HEI 1:05.523

The second group consists of D’Ambrosio, Buemi, di Grassi and Senna.

This group is one of the most interesting with both championship leaders in the group. Let’s remember Buemi started last on the grid at Buenos Aires after a mistake in qualifying and came back to finish second of the race. Bruno Senna went off during his full-power lap. He went wrong in turn one and hit the wall which ended his session. Apart from him, all the other drivers were quicker than Vergne, Buemi leading from D’Ambrosio and Di Grassi.

BUE 1:03.667 | DIG 1:03.990 | DAM 1:03.992 | SEN No time

The third group consists of Prost, Da Costa, De Silvestro, Abt and Turvey.

Da Costa is the one who ran the less this morning facing troubles with both of his cars. Prost is really aggressive in his full-power lap and does the second fastest lap behind his teammate. Abt manages to make it to P5 and pushes Vergne out of the Superpole. Da Costa makes the third fastest time of the group, one lap down the others with a clear track. De Silvestro and Turvey end the ranking of the group with a surprisingly fast lap from De Silvestro considering Andretti’s lack of shape so far. Da Costa will although get a grid penalty due to a gear box change.

PRO 1:03.877 | ABT 1:04.077 | DAC 1:04.371 | DES 1:04.606 | TUR 1:06.166

The fourth group consists of Duran, Piquet, Bird, Conway and Frijns.

As well as his teammate, Duran faced problems with both of his cars this morning. The session is instantly red flagged after Piquet lost the breaks in the straight finish line and finishes himself in the Techpro barriers in the chicane. The driver is ok and got out of the car alone. The session restarts a good ten minutes afterwards. Surprisingly, most drivers are slower than most driver with Bird not being able to do better than 11th. Frijns was sent on track later to have a clear lap but he faced traffic problems. No one of group 5 made it to Superpole. Both Renault e.dams as well as both Abt Schaeffler and Jérome D’Ambrosio compete in Superpole.

BIR 1:04.594 | FRI 1:04.959 | CON 1:05.108 | DUR 1:05.452 | PIQ No time

Daniel Abt is the first driver to go out for his first Superpole. His lap is neat and smooth and he sets a 1:04.335 laptime. Jérôme D’Ambrosio is second to go and much quicker than Abt with a 1:03.705 laptime. Lucas Di Grassi goes in third and is not quite as fast as D’Ambrosio through S1 but he is slightly faster in S2 to finish with a 1:04.028, second fastest so far. Nicolas Prost is the penultimate to go out, and goes second behind D’Ambrosio. Championship leader Sébastien Buemi again made a mistake in his lap, locking up in the first sector. He finishes with a 1:05.186 laptime, starting P5.

Jérôme d’Ambrosio scores his second pole position in Formula E ahead of Nicolas Prost, Lucas di Grassi, Daniel Abt and Sébastien Buemi. The race will start at 11pm CEST time.