The first driver to win a Formula One championship at the wheel of a car bearing his own name has died this morning. Sir Jack Brabham passed away at the age of 88 years. Formula One mourns the loss of one of its legends.


Jack Brabham was a motorsport legend. A mechanic and racing enthusiast, the Australian driver won three championship titles, the latter of which with a car at his own name.

Brabham started his career in 1955 by driving for the English team run by Charles and John Cooper. Though his results were not that good until 1959, that year and the following one he won two back-to-back titles with Cooper Car Company. In 1962, he started to work on a new engine for his own team Brabham Racing Organisation with whom he won his third title in 1966, at the age of 40. The following year, his team mate, Denny Hulme, won the title. Jack then retired in 1970.

Niki Lauda, Damon Hill and Nelson Piquet were among the brilliant drivers that worked for Brabham. The latter won two championship titles with the team.

Teams, drivers and the ones who raced and worked with him paid their homage on social networks. Surely a ceremony will be held in his honor in Monaco this week end. RIP Sir Jack Brabham.