Mathias Soler a 14 year old driver will represent Colombia in Formula 4 U.S. Championship.

Originally from Bogota, Soler Obel will race under the Colombian flag with yellow, blue and red stripes in the Cape Motorsports car No. 9. Soler joins the team, fresh out of a solid season that saw him winning the Lucas Oil School of Racing Formula Race Series in its debut season. The Colombian, who now lives in Atlanta, spent his early and development years winning karting championships within the South American territory.

Ana Maria: How do you start your driver career?

Mathias: I started 7 years ago when my father impulsed my career and enrolled me in different Karting categories and there is when everything started up.  

Ana Maria: Has the fact that being a Colombian drivers highlighted in categories like F1, Indy, Nascar etc. had any significant impact on your decision to be a racing driver?

Mathias: Yes, at the beginning My Dad and myself we both followed Montoya a racing driver at NASCAR Series, then we start asking around the sport and we started on Karting activity, a very popular category and we started from there.  

Ana Maria: Are you racing within the F4 US Series? Are you starting the first round at Homstead Florida? What happened on the past weekend racing on Homstead-Miami Speedway?

Mathias: “On the weekend there were three races, one on Saturday and two on Sunday. on Saturday, we were testing wings, we managed to get a good time on the seventh, but I started from sixth because of a penalty from another driver. The second race starts with the best time in the first race which placed me in the thirteenth position, in the first laps trying to do ahead and advance to ninth place, I went back to finish the race in the fourth place. For the last race of the day, as I made the third fastest time in the second race of the day, I was third. I made a good start and eventually made it to the lead. There I kept several laps, but then I was passed and finished in fifth place. “

Ana Maria: The F4 category is considered as a first step on the way to F1. Is the Formula One category a goal?

Mathias: Right now, I’m focused on the F4 and after that I will see in which category is the best way to continue depending on my results this year.

Ana Maria:  So that means that your career is now focused and strictly based in America?

Mathias: Yes.

Ana Maria: Are you currently following another racing category like Indy or F1 etc?

Mathias: I’m following Formula One.

Ana Maria: Do you have a favorite driver by any chance?

Mathias: At this moment, Lewis Hamilton is my favorite driver

Ana Maria:  What are your goals based on your F4 Championship?

Mathias: My main objective is to win the F4, trying to get the most possible points during all season and winning races to reach the Championship.

Ana Maria:   What do you think about the race that is taking place at Ontario Canada?

Mathias: I Think it is interesting. It is the first time that I will participate in Canada so I hope I will have good results.

Ana Maria:   Finally, I’m curious, and want to ask you: Does F4 is developed on an oval track or in a regular urban street tracks?

Mathias: We are racing in different cross fit circuits. Next round we are going to race in an Indy track including an oval and at the end of the season we will be at the Circuit of the Americas.

Thank you Mathias and good luck in your Championship.

Ana María Mercado / @Anamariamercad

Translation: Omar Alvarez / @omarketingf1