I was a 10 years kid.

It was the time when I started to follow sports, and change interests from toys, to sports.

I remember, I loved to watch motor sport. It was the time when every road was a place to race…with everything.

That sunday started, like every sunday in my childhood.

In that period I was collecting Formula 1 cards: teams, circuits, and first of all drivers.

I was in love with Senna.

It was something inexplicable, I wanted to watch every race, I wanted to watch every interview, every tv magazine with Senna….everything talked about Senna.

I loved his yellow helmet, as my favorite color is yellow.

When I thought about a color I thought about red and white for the car, and yellow for the helmet.

No way, Senna definitely changes the view and the life of Formula 1.

He brought Formula 1 to another level, a better level.

My sunday started with my family, at home, and a big lunch, waiting for the race.

My father told me about the day before, a driver was died.

But Sunday was another day, and the crazy tizzy feelings was already in me waiting for the race.

Red lights, ready, go.

GP Imola, 1994 started.

The blu car (I remember that Williams as the blu car), with the yellow driver behind the wheels was pushing the car very fast….as usual.

Maybe that car, now not so fast as the previous years, without electronic controls, it was  a delusion for him.

Senna desired Williams team from the start of his career, but never got the chance to get on board.

And now, when arrived the occasion, it was digging in his endless internal sadness.

And maybe that sadness came out that day.

14:17 7th lap.

Tamburello corner.

Senna goes straight.

I signed my childhood, sadness arrived to me.

Like other million people, I was not a direct acquaintance of Senna, but his die touched my heart.

After 20 years I’m here, writing about him.

The best driver ever seen in my life.

My favorite driver.

Senna is looking every driver from the sky.

It was not a useless death …. after Senna, no other driver has died in a Formula 1 Grand Prix.

I never forget you. We never forget you.