The partnership between Honda and Aston Martin is likely to be announced as early as this week from F1 2026 onward.

After rumours of Honda and Aston Martin getting together in the new F1 engine era, an announcement is imminent as per La Gazzetta dello Sport. In fact, the Italian publication notes that it will be announced as early as this week in a press conference.

After Red Bull decided to switch to Ford from 2026 onward when Honda decided to pull the plug on its F1 work, the Japanese manufacturer gradually changed its mind and applied itself as a power unit supplier in the new era starting from 2026.

Honda confirmed its participation even without a F1 team on board and joined the likes of Mercedes, Renault, Ferrari, Audi and Ford to make it six power unit suppliers. While all the five manufacturer had a support of an outfit, the Japanese maker didn’t.

Speculations then begun after talks were held between Honda and Aston Martin, with the British car maker eyeing a works status moving away from Mercedes, even though Daimler Group does hold a significant amount of shares in the car company.

Aston Martin takes F1 car parts from Mercedes too under the FIA guidelines, but from F1 2026 onward, it could see itself as a larger works team like Red Bull is with Honda. A press conference is likely to take place on Tuesday as per the Italian publication.

But an announcement of a partnership between Honda and Aston Martin is likely to be done on Wednesday. Also, there seems to be no issues with Fernando Alonso currently driving for the F1 team, considering his past with the Japanese manufacturer.

Considering that the deal only starts in 2026, the expectation is that Alonso will leave F1 by then. Should the Spaniard leave, the Aston Martin seat beside Lance Stroll will become a coveted one for anyone wishing to join the then factory outfit.

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