George Russell signed his second success of the season ahead of Anthoine Hubert and Alessio Lorandi.

George Russell started from pole position ahead of Anthoine Hubert and Nirei Fukuzumi for an ART Grand Prix top 3. Anthoine Hubert took the lead from Russell at the start as Niko Kari, who started from P6, got up to P3. Nirei Fukuzumi had an issue and had to retire.

Three laps into the race, Russell attacked the Frenchman for the lead with Kari right at his tail. With the help of the DRS, the Mercedes backed driver got back to the lead. On lap 7, it was Alessio Lorandi (Jenzer) who took 4th place to Jack Aitken (ART GP). The race went from bad to worse for the Renault driver who got overtaken by Dorian Boccolacci (Trident) at Copse.

Further back, a French battle took place for reverse grid pole between Julien Falchero (Campos) and Giuliano Alesi (Trident), turning out better for the Ferrari driver but the race was interrupted by the VSC to collect Ryan Tveter (Trident)’s car stopped on track.

With 4 laps to go, the race restarted and Lorandi managed to pass Kari for 3rd place. The Italian got up to the point of threatening Hubert for P2. On the penultimate lap, Boccolacci tried to overtake Kari who went wide and lost two places. But the Frenchman also lost a place to Aitken as his move on the Finn was under investigation.

George Russell took his second victory of the season ahead of teammate Anthoine Hubert and Alessio Lorandi. Aitken, Boccolacci, Kari, Maini, Alesi, Jörg and Falchero completed the top 10.