Emotional last race of the weekend and maiden season for SMP F4 NEZ championship at Pärnu, which Enaam Ahmed started on pole once again in front of Vladimir Atoev and Niko Kari.

At the start, Niko Kari did again a good one to help him to overtook Atoev for second place as, two cars, Semen Evsitgneev and Ivan Matveev went off the track.

Ahmed rapidly made a big gap on Kari who led the top2-7 formed by himself, Atoev, Huovinen, Isaakyan, Korneev and Sitnikov. Sitnikov was the first to manage a move on Korneev for sixth place, as Atoev made a mistake and let Huovinen and Isaakyan overtake him.

Nerses Isaakyan who had in mine achieves top3 in the standings, had a little contact with Huovinen but the “Koala” finally overtook the Finn for the third place in the podium.

But anyone could not stop the British, Enaam Ahmed who takes a hat trick of wins in Parnu as Kari was second and Isaakyan third. Out of the podium: Sitnikov, Atoev, Korneev, Laaksonen, Maslennikov, Troitskiy and Mavlanov.

Final Standings of SMP F4 NEZ:

Pos Driver Country Total Points
1 Niko Kari FIN 449
2 Vladimir Atoev RUS 296
3 Nerses Isaakyan RUS 234
4 Aleksanteri Huovinen FIN 229
5 Aleksey Korneev RUS 191
6 Nikita Troitskiy RUS 149
7 Niklas Nylund FIN 136
8 Ivan Matveev RUS 131
9 Nikita Sitnikov RUS 104
10 Aleksander Maslennikov RUS 66
11 Simo Laaksonen FIN 60
12 Joel Eriksson SWE 30
13 Artem Kabakov RUS 21
14 Denis Mavlanov RUS 20
15 Alex Vartanyan RUS 17
16 Semen Evstigneev RUS 13