Rio Haryanto won second GP2 Series race this weekend after holding lead all race long. Vandoorne is second again and Matsushita gets his first GP2 podium by taking both ART in Spielberg’s TOP3.

Good work from Haryanto. After Yelloly, Rossi and Markelov’s mistakes, Campos Racing driver could get to the top of the podium with consistence, deserving it since the very start of the race.

At race start uncertainty was in the environment as Spielberg’s sky was so cloudy. The weather was threatening, but this was going to stay here as rain would not appear for the next 28 laps. Yelloly, Haryanto and Rossi were starting from first three positions in the grid after feature race results. A bad start from Yelloly let his prosecutors enough space to lead first turn as Hilmer driver lost many positions to end up retiring from the race. Another mistake from Rossi downed him to twelfth position and Lynn was stuck in the grid. Haryanto, Markelov and Vandoorne, who climbed to a podium position, had everything to be this race’s stars.

At half race positions were stable. Lynn was resigned but setting fastest laps from last position and Rossi was still climbing positions still out of points. Markelov was closer to the leader with Vandoorne keeping his eye on them a second away.

Russian driver seemed more and more nervous and was advised from pit wall to keep an eye on his tires. In a desperate attempt in turn 3, Russian Time driver went for the overtake. Without having the position won it was not a good place. Markelov went out of the track breaking a front wing apex from Haryanto and was then eighth with a partially broken car. It was Vandoorne’s time, who was then half a second away from a Campos Racing not in best condition.

Rio Haryanto consistence was leaving ART desperate. Discussions taking place in team radio and getting louder as Matsushita getting really close to Vandoorne, prepared for the overtake. Although, he would not do so and focus on his prosecutor Sirotkin. Indonesian driver would give Campos a victory by holding the lead for ten laps with destroyed tires and broken wing.

It was celebration moment for Spanish team and also for ART, with two drivers in podium and Matsushita getting his first one in GP2. Vandoorne also extends championsip lead, again by winning feature race and finishing second in sprint.

Next GP2 event will take place in British Grand Prix Weekend.



Pos Car Driver Team Time
1 15 R. Haryanto Campos Racing After 28 Laps
2 5 S. Vandoorne ART Grand Prix +0.450
3 6 N. Matsushita ART Grand Prix +0.905
4 18 S. Sirotkin Rapax +1.368
5 9 M. Evans RUSSIAN TIME +3.395
6 1 P. Gasly DAMS +6.362
7 7 J. King Racing Engineering +6.722
8 10 A. Markelov RUSSIAN TIME +7.921
9 8 A. Rossi Racing Engineering +7.929
10 19 R. Visoiu Rapax +19.389
11 11 R. Marciello Trident +19.942
12 14 A. Pic Campos Racing +22.034
13 17 D. De Jong MP Motorsport +31.108
14 21 N. Nato Arden International +31.730
15 12 R. Binder Trident +34.330
16 23 R. Stanaway Status Grand Prix +36.352
17 4 M. Sørensen Carlin +37.945
18 26 N. Berthon Daiko Team Lazarus +40.651
19 25 S. Trummer Hilmer Motorsport +42.119
20 22 M. Stöckinger Status Grand Prix +59.175
21 2 A. Lynn DAMS +64.756
22 20 A. Negrão Arden International +74.124
23 3 J. Leal Carlin +1 LAP
DNF 24 N. Yelloly Hilmer Motorsport