The SMP F4 Championship has been signing a three-year partnership with Korean-based tire supplier Hankook Competition. And for the first outing of the season on the Alcarras circuit for a four-days test, the famous brand sent Christophe Stucki to assist the youngsters and the technical team with the Hankook Ventus Race tire management.

Christophe Stucki is well-known in the tire industry as he has been working in all the major tires companies in motorsport and has been lately involved with the Euroseries FIA F3 Championship, but as well in DTM.


« It is really interesting to work with very young and unexprienced drivers as their feedback is always interesting. The tire Hankook Competition is providing to the Series is a good compound to start a racing career as they last longer than in higher categories. They allow the drivers to keep pushing for more laps than they will be able to when the competition gets tougher. It is as well more cost effective for the championship. From what I have seen those past days, the car has a very good behavior and the general balance of the car fits the tire very well. It will be interesting to watch when we will get to the first round of the Championship in May »

Hankook Competition will be joining on all the rounds of the SMP F4 Championship.