1. Lewis Hamilton: “This is my first win in Spain, very important for me! Although today I lacked a bit of speed – Nico was faster. The car had serious problems with balance, so I had to rely heavily on engineers: they helped me to get on the free track, were advised where I can add. Also, I experimented with the settings, changed them all the time, trying to find a way to pass laps faster. Fortunately, I was able to hold back the onslaught teammate. I remember the old conversation with Ross Brown, which took place in the kitchen at my mom’s house: then he promised me that the team will succeed. I believe, though I could not imagine that we will be racing ahead of Red Bull for 50 seconds. This result is highly successful work of the staff, and I was very lucky that I am speaking on this team that have made a commitment to the common cause. Today, we have won a fourth consecutive double victory – it’s just fantastic!”


2. Nico Rosberg: “Frankly, I did not have just one lap to force the fight with Lewis. Gap was too big, but if I had one more lap, I would try to beat him. Unfortunately, by the time the race was over, so I’m a little upset. However, I won the second position in the race and not much inferior in the standings, but there is still a lot of races. I hope to finish in Monaco on the first position – at least try to repeat last year’s victory. That’s my goal. See what happens.”


3. Daniel Ricciardo: “Mercedes is far ahead of all. But when we went to Barcelona, then realized that we would have been preferable to such a “boring” race, not eventful. We knew that seriously lose performance leaders of the season, but in the course of the weekend, our car looked second rate. In the end, we finished relatively comfortable in this position, controlling tire wear and race. I am pleased to get on the podium, for which I would like to thank my team and fans who gathered in Barcelona very much.”