Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton is still looking for perfection in 2020 F1 season as he notes the highs and lows from 2019.

Always seeking growth, Hamilton says he aims to improve himself and the team in the 2020 F1 season. In fact, the Brit adds that the Mercedes crew sought ‘perfection’ in the first year of the decade as they head towards setting more records.

This comes off the back of an impeccable 2019 in which Hamilton won his sixth F1 world title along with Mercedes, with 11 victories to his name and a 100 percent finishing record – the only one to do so among the 20 drivers that competed.

“It’s definitely been an incredible 2019 for us,” said Hamilton to media including “It felt like it’s been very long. But there were also moments when you said ‘Jesus it’s gone by quickly’.

“But when we look back on our performances, which we’ve not done quite just yet, we just always take one race at a time and look back at one race and move forward. Sitting with Bono, I think we’re definitely very proud of the job that we’ve done collectively as a team.

“And what’s great is that our heads are still down, we’re still focused on how we can improve and there’s not a moment that we think that we’re perfect. Bono and I and Marcus and the team are constantly looking at where we can improve in 2020.

“We’re going to need to just continue to just try and raise the bar which is not easy with a season like this. So yeah, still striving for perfection. Our goal is to try and do a better year somehow, but we have no idea what will come and what obstacles we’ll be faced with.

“But I do think with the best team that we’ve ever been, the most united group of people that we’ve ever been, and most focused globally, so best prepared, I think.” Even though Hamilton finished all races but it wasn’t smooth sailing for the British driver.

Looking at the races from 2019, Hamilton pinpointed certain grand prix which he felt weren’t so good and some which went beyond his expectation. “I think Monaco was the least favourite probably of the year or at least actually second least because Hockenheim was probably the least,” he said.

“My best ones? Mexico was awesome. That or Silverstone was great too, France was another awesome one. I don’t remember every one, honestly. I don’t remember. Then Hungary? Honestly I don’t remember much of these races, but they were good moments.”

As we head towards the 2020 F1 season, Hamilton will also be hoping to win his seventh title, as he chases Michael Schumacher’s record to be the most successful driver of all time. He certainly has a good chance to beat his 91 wins record with 84 to his name currently.

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The story was written by Duncan Leahy and edited by Darshan Chokhani